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Leading Voices, Global Perspectives, Bold Moves in Indiana

Unlock the Future at the 2024 Indiana Global Economic Summit - Where Innovation Meets Opportunity! Mark your calendars for the most anticipated Economic Summit in the heart of the United States.

2022 Global Economic Summit Highlights

In May 2022, Indiana hosted the inaugural Indiana Global Economic Summit, convening 30 international delegations along with international business executives, thought leaders and foreign dignitaries to discuss opportunities for deeper international cooperation in building the economy of the future.

Governor Opening Session
Panel 1
Panel 2
2022 IEDC BET Tech-119 (1)
2022 IEDC Race Day-532
Attendees 3
Global Economic Summit Countdown

Indiana is Boldly Shaping a More Sustainable Economic Future

Indiana is at the forefront of shaping the future of sustainability, and we at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation are proud to lead this charge.

With a commitment to innovative solutions, we're driving a green revolution that not only benefits our state but also sets an example for the entire nation. Just as a skilled architect crafts a blueprint for a sustainable building, we're crafting a vision for a sustainable Indiana.
Our state represents a new frontier for those who are bold and visionary. We're creating a landscape where sustainable solutions in business, sports and energy are not just imagined but actively realized.
Think of us as the architects of change, designing a future where sustainability isn't just a buzzword, but a way of life. Join us on this transformative journey and be a part of a greener, brighter future right here in Indiana. Together, we'll build a sustainable legacy that resonates far beyond our state's borders.
In the past 18 months, we've seen historical and significant investments in solar energy and electric vehicle manufacturing. 

Infrastructure and The Modern Economy

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Training the High-Tech Workforce and Green Jobs

Microchips and Semiconductors

Smart Electrical Grid

Energy Transition and Sustainability

Mobility - EV's and AV's

Battery Manufacturing


Building the Future

IN Indiana

Artificial Intelligence

Defense, Aviation and Aerospace

Innovations in Healthcare, Life Sciences and BioTech

Big Things Happening IN Indiana

Meta Plans to Establish $800M Data Center Campus in Indiana

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Stellantis Picks Indiana for 2nd U.S. EV Battery Gigafactory        

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IEDC Delivers Record Growth and Economic Wins for All Hoosiers

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Indiana's Big Tech Hub Wins Will Help to Surge State’s Economy

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New Venture Funding Catalyzes Innovation in Indiana               

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Toyota Invests $11.1M in Indiana Schools to Boost STEM Programs

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